Operation "Share Our Story" is all about sharing accurate messages about agriculture. We appreciate you agreeing to help us share the story. My American Farm is an exciting new resource to teach elementary students about agriculture. This is an exciting opportunity for your FFA Chapter, 4-H club, or collegiate student organization to spread the word about the important role agriculture plays in our everyday lives by working with local elementary classrooms!

Getting Started

Use this timeline to prepare for and conduct the classroom visit.

Pre-Visit Resources

Send this letter to teachers for grades 3-5 at your local elementary.

After you hear back from teachers, use this form to plan your visit to their classroom.

Classroom Visit Resources

Use this lesson to teach students about agriculture using My American Farm.

Give the teacher this form to get some helpful feedback about your visit.

Post-Visit Resources

Use this press release to spread the good word about your success!

Complete this form to tell us more about what happened during your visit.